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Industry leaders have engaged LEDsafe to identify market needs and assist with sourcing of high quality LED lighting solutions. Our “face to face” approach with the decision makers allows us to move effectively and without delay. Our product range covers only the most trusted and proven manufacturers and our ability to offer our clients leading brand options avoids unwarranted product bias, which may lead to inferior results.


LEDsafe is a trusted ‘turnkey” provider of LED lighting solutions for some of Australia’s largest Institutions. We offer the best warranties available in the Industry and work with specialist installers who are familiar with the benefits and requirements of LED lighting. We utilise leading Accredited Certificate Providers operating in both the NSW and Victorian Energy Savings Schemes ensuring our clients maximise their returns. This service offers lighting design, supply, installation and certificate creation and redemption services. Unlike other “turnkey” providers, LEDsafe will give a detailed breakdown of costs giving our clients greater confidence in all stages of the process. LEDsafe will also work with clients in providing either all or some of it’s “turnkey” solutions as may be dictated by specific project requirements.


In having access to the major brand name suppliers of trusted LED lighting, we can offer the best solutions at pricing rarely achieved through mainstream wholesale channels. We specialise in sourcing the highest standard LED lighting in the market and work closely with leading Brand name manufacturers to ensure our clients have access to the best of the best at affordable prices. We have specialised in “just in time” supply chain and logistics services delivering some of Australia's largest LED lighting programs nationwide.

why led?

LED is highly energy efficient – Less heat, same/more light, lower cost.

LED uses 85% less electricity when compared to conventional lighting and around 18% less electricity compared to CFL. Worldwide, around 20% of electricity is consumed in lighting. An LED lighting upgrade is generally accepted as one of the most logical corporate activities required today to assist a company’s commercial and environmental responsibilities. LED lamps last much longer - Saving even more on reduced maintenance costs. LEDsafe will only utilise products with a minimum 50,000 hours of guaranteed lifetime. This represents over 11 years of use at an average of 12 hours per day. Our range offers either a 5 or 7 year warranty which represents the market leading warranties available. An often ignored benefit of an LED lighting upgrade is the reduction of ongoing maintenance cost savings. Conventional bulbs last around 1,000-2,000 hours (1-2 years) and CFL around 6,000 -15,000 hours (6 to 13 years). With electrical contractors often charging standard service fees, the significant savings represented through maintenance reduction requirements offer additional cash flow opportunities for corporations.

Save Now – LED lighting /immediate costs saving

With electricity prices on the rise, an LED lighting upgrade represents an immediate opportunity to address this significant component of a company’s monthly/quarterly expenses. Recent advances in LED lighting technology are resulting in products which are producing upwards of 100 LmW. Many offer significantly higher output allowing the replacement of energy hungry Metal Halide or CFL technology. For instance, it is possible to retrofit existing 400W metal halide highbays with 100w LED luminaires and achieve required lighting levels saving 300 plus watts of ongoing energy consumption. This results in an immediate reduction in electricity costs.

LED is a green product – environmentally responsible.

The long life of LED products means less electricity is used over longer periods of time. Additional savings are made when considering supply chain responsibilities for less efficient older technology. All this results in lower CO2 emissions, a winwin for you and the environment. Older technology generally includes mercury. LED has no mercury content. LED’s run cooler, which allows for air-conditioning systems to be used more efficiently giving additional ongoing savings.

LED is the future.

The advancement of LED technology has fast seen market ready lighting solutions which are delivering significant savings solutions now. It is hard to attend a major lighting convention around the world and find any other technology being exhibited other then LED. Millions continue to be spent on research and development to make LED products even more efficient for the future. These advances have seen the industry move to the commercial and industrial space confidently with many LED products now being seamlessly integrated into control systems that can be remotely controlled by smartphones and tablets.


LED lighting upgrades have resulted in benefits for corporations by improving their Nabers ratings. The significant reduction in ongoing maintenance and electricity usage is recognised as a necessary activity by Corporate Australia today. LEDsafe partners with Accredited Certificate Providers who operate within IPART approved State initiatives and can assist with identifying potential benefits to clients with regards to Nabers and LED lighting upgrades.


Market efficiencies are generating a significant reduction in LED costs which are resulting in greater access to high quality LED lighting solutions. Given the commercial and environment benefits of reducing energy consumption, both NSW and Victoria have long running state initiatives which allow the creation and redemption of energy savings certificates through LED lighting upgrades for end users. Whilst, the ongoing savings and environmental benefits of moving to this more efficient technology are obvious, the ability of eligible “energy users” to reduce net capital costs via participation in these schemes should demand immediate action. Possible revenues from this source are significant and LEDsafe is an active participant assisting our clients in both the NSW and VIC schemes.


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Who We are?

LEDsafe Pty Ltd is well established, fully owned and operated Australian enterprise that prides itself in providing state of the art LED lighting solutions to Corporate Australia.

We offer market leading choices of high quality, brand name LED products most suited for the Australian market and backed up by the best local warranties available. LEDsafe remains independent when selecting the LED solutions required for our clients needs. As such, our clients can be assured that our services offer the safest and most appropriate solutions possible.

LEDsafe is a specialist Energy Solutions Company providing premium LED lighting solutions to Corporate Australia. Our ability to offer the highest standard of products and services has resulted in LEDsafe becoming a trusted provider of state of the art LED lighting to National Institutions and ASX listed corporations. LED lighting is the one of the most simple and effective ways of reducing energy and ongoing maintenance costs and providing additional cash flow opportunities through savings realised with use of this technology.

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