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The original SkyBay revolutionised the lighting of warehouses, shopping mall, airport terminals and similar large spaces with huge energy saving and a better quality of light. Now there is SkyBay2.1 with its boosted efficiency for even greater energy savings.

The weight has been slashed. The light output boosted. And the new compact size works just as easily as a High Bay, a Low Bay, and even as a Floodlight. Gone are the days of a separate diffuser, awkward to fit and easy to damage. SkyBay2.1 has an integrated reflector that includes a clear diffuser that improves the protection rating to IP66 and ensures BCA compliance across the broadest spectrum of applications.

Series Power (W) (Up to) Lumen
LL2LHB2100## 80W 10400Lm
LL2LHB2120## 100W 13200Lm
LL2LHB2150## 120W 15600Lm
LL2LHB2180## 150W 19400Lm
LL2LHB2200## 180W 22100Lm