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NovaRay is the perfect floodlight for residential, tradesman and light industrial applications. They take a traditional floodlight design and add the energy efficiency of LED technology. They are compact, rugged and offer a powerful light output, while being economical with energy.

NovaRay floodlights are built tough. We don’t just say that, we guarantee it. For residential applications, they are ideal for the replacement for the PAR38 or small halogen flood lamps over a barbeque area, for higher power applications such as driveways, for decorative illumination of trees or other features, or simply for an extra long summer evening of backyard cricket. For light industrial applications, they are ideal for ensuring security in car parks, and storage yards, as well as safe illumination of entrances, pathways, and building surrounds.

Series Power (W) (Up to) Lumen
LL3NF1## 14W 1000Lm
LL3NF3## 36W 2900Lm
LL3NF4## 54W 5100Lm