NovaLED MAXI Gen 2 Downlight

NovaLED MAXI Gen 2 Downlight

Product Description

The NovaLED Maxi Range combines brilliance with extra low glare, opening NovaLED Maxi up to a broad range of more specialised design opportunities.

With the deeply recessed light source, the Lumex SoftGlow reflector and power options right up to an astounding 5500 lumen, NovaLED Maxi provides high quality light with the highest level of discretion. The M3 and M4 models are ideal for feature lighting in residential and commercial applications, and the M6, M7, and M8 models are an ideal for commercial applications for feature lighting, foyers and high traffic areas.

Series Cut out Size Total Power (Up to) Lumen
LL1N2M3DC## 80 – 92mm 9W 870Lm
LL1N2M4DC## 110mm 12W 1100Lm
LL1N2M6DC## 155mm 16W 1650Lm
LL1N2M7DC## 175mm 22W 2200Lm
LL1N2M7HDC## 175mm 32W 3300Lm
LL1N2M8DC## 210mm 45W 4400Lm
LL1N2M8HDC## 210mm 60W 5500Lm