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Weatherproof battens are an important component of any commercial lighting specification, whether for the parking areas, service areas, or for safety and security. These are often the type of fixtures that are working for long hours, often 24/7.

But Lumex has not been content to insert the standard LED replacement tubes in a weatherproof fixture. Linear Weatherproof use a driver separate to the tube, allowing it to be larger and better suited to commercial applications. This truly commercial design also allows Lumex to continue to extend its renown 7 year warranty to this range.

Series Cut out Size Total Power (Up to) Lumen
LL4LT86WB1## 600mm 10W 900Lm
LL4LT86DWB2## 600mm 20W 1800Lm
LL4LT812WB1## 1200mm 18W 1800Lm
LL4LT812WB2## 1200mm 36W 3200Lm
LL4LT815WB1## 1500mm 24W 2050Lm
LL4LT815WB2## 1500mm 48W 4100Lm