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The boxy utilitarian design of the new Light Rack GP floodlight with its chunky screw studded frame is a rugged look at home in any industrial application.

More importantly, the superior performance, the extensive range of options, and the everyday assurance of Lumex quality has Light Rack GP winning on best value every time. This new range of General Purpose Floodlights builds on the success of its Light Rack predecessor. The modular LED concept from the original Light Rack series has been enhanced by the development of a high performance, replaceable 30W light engine that are common right across the GP range. The body design is also more fully modular with the key zinc steel and aluminum components common across all frame sizes.

Series Power (W) (Up to) Lumen
LL3LGP60## 60W 5600Lm
LL3LGP90## 90W 8500Lm
LL3LGP120## 120W 10700Lm
LL3LGP150## 150W 13800Lm
LL3LGP180## 180W 17000Lm
Symmetrical or Asymmetrical