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The wide beam angle and diffused design provides for a higher uniformity than some similar products and their IP54 rating makes them ideal for many wet areas, and areas not protected from the weather. The M3 and M4 sizes are an ideal option for general lighting in residential applications, and the larger M6, M8, and M10 sizes for commercial applications.

Series Cut out Size Total Power (Up to) Lumen
LL1CM3DF## 80 x 92mm 8W 700Lm
LL1CM4DF## 105mm 12W 990Lm
LL1CM6DF## 155mm 18W 1730Lm
LL1CM8DF## 205mm 23W 2420Lm
LL1CM10DF## 255mm 34W 3640Lm