Candle E14 4.5W 350lm 2700K WW Frosted

The Verbatim 2700K Candle LED bulb is a high-quality, energy efficient 32- watt replacement for incandescent candle lamps. With a warm, 2700K colour temperature, and smooth, streamlined exterior, the Candle LED bulb is ideal for chandelier and wall sconce fixtures. This lamp has an estimated lifetime of 20,000 hours*, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs when compared to incandescent bulbs.

  • Replacement for 32 W incandescent Candle lamp
  • Frosted Dome
  • 2700K warm CCT to generate relax atmospheric effect
  • E14 lamp base
  • Lifetime of 20,000 hrs
  • Non-dimmable
  • 86% Energy Saving
Part No. 64486
Socket: E14
Volage: 100-240V
Wattage: 4.5 W
Lifetime: 20,000 hrs
Light Colour: WW 2700 K
Luminous Flux: 330 lm
Luminous Intensity: 50 cd
Beam Angle: 120°
CRI: >80

Classic A E27 10W 480lm 3000K WW

Verbatim LED Classic A offers a direct replacement for conventional incandescent and halogen lamps. This dimmable and elegantly designed lamp has a built-in control system that protects the lamp electronics from overheating.

Part No. 52001
Socket: E27
Volage: 220-­‐240 V
Wattage: 10W
Lifetime: 35,000 hrs
Light Colour: WW 3000 K
Luminous Flux: 480 lm
CRI: 75-85

Classic A 6.5 W

  • Familiar “classic” design
  • Replaces a standard 40W incandescent lamp
  • Dimmable
  • Up to 75% energy saving
  • Lifetime of 35,000 hrs/16 years*
  • Built-in TCS (Temperature Control System)

*calculation based on lamp being used on average 6 hrs per day

Classico Downlight

The wide beam angle and diffused design provides for a higher uniformity than some similar products and their IP54 rating makes them ideal for many wet areas, and areas not protected from the weather. The M3 and M4 sizes are an ideal option for general lighting in residential applications, and the larger M6, M8, and M10 sizes for commercial applications.

Series Cut out Size Total Power (Up to) Lumen
LL1CM3DF## 80 x 92mm 8W 700Lm
LL1CM4DF## 105mm 12W 990Lm
LL1CM6DF## 155mm 18W 1730Lm
LL1CM8DF## 205mm 23W 2420Lm
LL1CM10DF## 255mm 34W 3640Lm


Grand Classic E27 12W 1055lm 3000K WW

This Verbatim LED 12W Grand Classic offers a direct replacement for conventional 75W incandescent and halogen lamps. This elegantly designed lamp offers up to 85% energy saving from conventional globes. Suitable for a variety of general lighting applications such as restaurants, hotels, homes and offices

Part No. 64479
Socket: E27
Volage: 100-240 V
Wattage: 12W
Lifetime: 20,000 hrs
Light Colour: WW 3000 K
Luminous Flux: 1055 lm
CRI: >=80
  • Replacement for 75 W incandescent lamp
  • Frosted Dome
  • Grand Globe Classic design
  • E27 lamp base
  • Lifetime of 20,000 hrs
  • Non-dimmable
  • 85% Energy Saving

Light Rack GP Floodlight

The boxy utilitarian design of the new Light Rack GP floodlight with its chunky screw studded frame is a rugged look at home in any industrial application.

More importantly, the superior performance, the extensive range of options, and the everyday assurance of Lumex quality has Light Rack GP winning on best value every time. This new range of General Purpose Floodlights builds on the success of its Light Rack predecessor. The modular LED concept from the original Light Rack series has been enhanced by the development of a high performance, replaceable 30W light engine that are common right across the GP range. The body design is also more fully modular with the key zinc steel and aluminum components common across all frame sizes.

Series Power (W) (Up to) Lumen
LL3LGP60## 60W 5600Lm
LL3LGP90## 90W 8500Lm
LL3LGP120## 120W 10700Lm
LL3LGP150## 150W 13800Lm
LL3LGP180## 180W 17000Lm
Symmetrical or Asymmetrical


NovaLED Downlight

NovaLED pioneered dichroic look-alike LED downlights for their aesthetic as well as lighting performance, and they remain one of the most popular products in the Australian market. NovaLED has been revitalised and re-powered, with boosted light output, and boosted energy efficiency. Colour rendering has also been boosted to HiColour CRI>90, making NovaLED more suitable than ever for fine living applications. NovaLED also has a new driver design for smoother, more even dimming and immunity to Ripple Frequency interference.

Series Cut out Size Total Power (Up to) Lumen
LL1N11D## 65 – 75mm 8W 770Lm
LL1N11DU## 65 – 92mm 8W 770Lm


NovaLED MAXI Gen 2 Downlight

The NovaLED Maxi Range combines brilliance with extra low glare, opening NovaLED Maxi up to a broad range of more specialised design opportunities.

With the deeply recessed light source, the Lumex SoftGlow reflector and power options right up to an astounding 5500 lumen, NovaLED Maxi provides high quality light with the highest level of discretion. The M3 and M4 models are ideal for feature lighting in residential and commercial applications, and the M6, M7, and M8 models are an ideal for commercial applications for feature lighting, foyers and high traffic areas.

Series Cut out Size Total Power (Up to) Lumen
LL1N2M3DC## 80 – 92mm 9W 870Lm
LL1N2M4DC## 110mm 12W 1100Lm
LL1N2M6DC## 155mm 16W 1650Lm
LL1N2M7DC## 175mm 22W 2200Lm
LL1N2M7HDC## 175mm 32W 3300Lm
LL1N2M8DC## 210mm 45W 4400Lm
LL1N2M8HDC## 210mm 60W 5500Lm


NovaRay Floodlight

NovaRay is the perfect floodlight for residential, tradesman and light industrial applications. They take a traditional floodlight design and add the energy efficiency of LED technology. They are compact, rugged and offer a powerful light output, while being economical with energy.

NovaRay floodlights are built tough. We don’t just say that, we guarantee it. For residential applications, they are ideal for the replacement for the PAR38 or small halogen flood lamps over a barbeque area, for higher power applications such as driveways, for decorative illumination of trees or other features, or simply for an extra long summer evening of backyard cricket. For light industrial applications, they are ideal for ensuring security in car parks, and storage yards, as well as safe illumination of entrances, pathways, and building surrounds.

Series Power (W) (Up to) Lumen
LL3NF1## 14W 1000Lm
LL3NF3## 36W 2900Lm
LL3NF4## 54W 5100Lm


VxRGB Natural Series Candle E14 2.5W 50lm 1900K WW

This VxRGB LED candle lamp provides aThis VxRGB LED candle lamp provides a warm candle-like glow that closely matches the spectrum of a real candle flame – a feature not possible with traditional LED or incandescent lamps.

  • Super warm 1900K color temperature.
  • Low heat LED lamp can be safely used in environments where candles are not practical.
  • 25,000 hour lifetime reduces maintenance costs.
  • Utilises Mitsubishi Chemical proprietary VxRGB™ technology.
  • Clear, slim globe and small heatsink design ideal for use in decorative lighting fixtures.
Part No. 52243
Socket: E14
Volage: 220-240V
Wattage: 2.5 W
Lifetime: 25,000 hrs
Light Colour: WW 2700 K
Luminous Flux: 90 lm
Luminous Intensity: 15 cd
Beam Angle: 100°
CRI: >85